Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nairobi Bucket List

Lately I stumbled upon a website that listed 101 things to do in Nairobi. As I will be here for another month before transferring to my field assignment, I decided to make a Nairobi bucket list, even though I do not plan to kick the bucket. The goal is not to hurry to do all of these items, but to make a plan. Sometimes the best planning is done by making a list and I decided to spare the walls as they are already full. If I do not accomplish them all this time around I hope for an opportunity to do so in the future.  I am also aware that this list will change as I become more familiar with the city. Also this is purely a Nairobi list. If I decided to make one of Kenya I would run out of space. I will update hopefully with pictures and videos. Take the journey with me. 

Culinary Inspired
1.       Learn to make Kenyan Nyama Choma/mandazi and put  my own twist on it
2.       Try Nairobi Ethiopian Food and visit an Ethiopian coffee house
3.       Try Nairobi Chinese food
4.       Eat at Burger Hut Nairobi
5.       Eat Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi
6.       Try more Kenyan Street Food (Be brave)
7.       Have a Tusker/Senator
8.       Drink the Micro Brew at Brew Bistro Nairobi (Preferably after finishing my Masters Paper)
9.       Buy Kenyan Coffee/Tea for family and friends
10.   Learn to make  Samosa, managu, ugali (brown and white)

11.   Visit Art Gallery Watatu
12.   Visit the Bee Center and get a wax candle
13.   Visit Kenyatta Market
14.   Visit Kazuri Bead Factory and eat without regrets
15.   Visit  Kitengela Glass
16.   Visit Banana Hill Artists
17.   Visit Maasai Market- And find purchase a nice print
18.   Visit Spinner’s Web
19.   Triangle Market (Blue Dukas)

Random Touristy
20.   Learn to Speak Sheng Sheng (Nairobi’s very own form of street slang)
21.   Learn a song/poem in Kiswahili
22.   Watch a Football Match
23.   Go to a concert of one of the many international/national artists that perform
24.   Be a spectator at the Nairobi Marathon
25.   Go Nairobi Mountain Biking
26.   Visit Nairobi Jamia Mosque
27.   Go to a service at All Saints Cathedral
28.   Visit McMillan Memorial Library
29.   Visit Railway Museum – Home of the Lunatic Express
30.   Visit Nairobi National Museum
31.   Visit Kenya National Archives
32.   Visit Kenyatta Mausoleum
33.   Visit August Memorial Park
34.   Visit Bomas of Kenya
35.   Visit Riuki Cultural Center
36.   Visit Kiambethu Tea Farm or any tea farm
37.   Visit Nairobi Arboretum
38.   Visit Ngong Hills Forest
39.   Visit Nairobi National Park
40.   Do Nairobi Safari Walk
41.   Visit Nairobi Animal Orphanage
42.   Visit an Elephant at Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
43.   Stand as Tall as a Giraffe at Nairobi Giraffe Centre
44.   Visit Nairobi Butterfly Centre
45.   Visit the Maasai Ostich Farm (and maybe try eating it)

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