Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trek Across a Country: Day 2

I want to say that we got up and on the road by 7am, but it didn't happen. Day 1 was draining. Let me say though, I love my husband. We share a mutual love of good coffee. Yes, we are those people that travel with our own coffee beans and a grinder and prep it the night before to ensure an amazing cup upon waking up. We made our way to breakfast by 7am and had what passes for eggs in North East, PA. After another round of checking to make sure we had everything we packed up blue. I snapped this shot of a frozen Lake Erie in the distance.

After almost an hour we hit state number four and five: Ohio and Indiana.

 Honestly there isn't much to say about these states. They are flat and mostly rural, basically full of family farms. I couldn't tell what was grown given the season but I would suspect corn, wheat and possibly soybeans. We passed the RV/MH Museum couldn't justify getting off to visit it.  Going through the top of Indiana we were 23 miles south of Michigan. We arrived near Gary, Indiana, birthplace of the late Micheal Jackson (I put thriller on to pay homage) and proceeded to be sandwiched between semi's and bad drivers. It was scary and it was getting worse once we hit state number six.

There is no excuse for poor driving, especially close to Chicago. I changed our clocks back an hour to adjust to the time. We nearly halved our quarter stash going through four tolls in a 10 mile radius. After the tolls we had to squeeze into the lanes since very few drivers allowed us in. After one of the last ones a driver motioned next to us to roll the window down and yelled, "I've never seen a Vermont license plate before. I didn't think you guys left the state." This was not what we were expecting. We didn't see downtown Chicago as we had to bypass it. After today we were spent. Treated ourselves to slurpee's and are currently super exhausted. Tomorrow will be the longest mileage day of the trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We will be catching some attractions along the way. Stay tuned.

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